Just Starting

Are you just starting out or is your business not yet at the point where you either need or can afford a bookkeeper? Maybe what you are looking for is to better understand what needs to be done for your books? Are you looking for a more efficient way to get your books done monthly?

So, here are some options to help get you started or to help with a more efficient bookkeeping workflow…

Learn how to use QuickBooks Online Basics

If you either have or would like to start using QuickBooks online I can walk you through the basics of how to use QBO. Whether it is setting up a bank feed, creating a journal entry, creating an invoice, paying bills, or how to access and customize reports. I can do this in person or via zoom.

Set Up QuickBooks

Would you like to get started with using QuickBooks online, but don’t have the time or knowledge to get started? I offer a one time fee for getting you set up with QBO. At any point you would like to extend my services to include monthly bookkeeping you can, but you are not obligated to. If you use my bookkeeping services I can offer you a discounted monthly rate for QBO. Although I do not have control over the QBO rate which can be increased.

*Creating an account
*Setting up one user account
*Working on General Settings as Needed i.e. cash vs. accrual accounting system.
*Creating the initial chart of accounts or loading in an existing one
*Connecting up to 2 bank accounts/credit cards accounts
*up to 1 hr lesson in how to use QBO

Creating a more efficient Workflow

Are you currently using QuickBooks Online or would like to and need to decrease your amount of time spent on your books buy not yet ready to hire a bookkeeper? Then let’s work together to get you set up with a more efficient workflow to spend more time on your business.

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