Budgeting and Stretching your dollar(s)

This page is dedicated to my life lessons on how to stretch your dollar(s) especially during tight times.

Low on cash and worried about paying bills?

Low on cash and worried about having enough to pay the bills? Facing a long time without work or on a fixed income? Ideas on how to spend less using my own experiences.

I understand what it is like to be worried about how to pay the bills. I have written some blogs that are posted below on how to spend less money including different assistance programs. I understand that when you need help with a budget is sometimes when you can’t afford to pay for an accountant to help you out. This is why I am putting together this information and I pray that it finds its way to those who need it most. What I have included below is just a starting point, I highly recommend doing research on more possibilities like grants and other programs that help you transition.

Goal: Spending Less Money

Step 1: Top 5 assistance programs to apply to when low/no income
Step 2: 5 Ways to stretch your dollars
Step 3: 5 ways to de-stress – important to stay healthy
Step 4: Create current spending list
Step 5: Compare Monthly income (or savings) to spending – eye opening
Step 6: Brain storm savings ideas – 5 ways I cut down on expenses.
Step 7: Create monthly Budget – geek out on a spreadsheet.
Ongoing: Continue to monitor spending and revisit budget and how well you are sticking to it.
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