Low on cash and worried about paying bills?

Low on cash and worried about having enough to pay the bills? Facing a long time without work or on a fixed income? Ideas on how to spend less using my own experiences.

I hear you and understand

I understand what it is like to be worried about how to pay the bills. I have written some blogs that are posted below on how to spend less money including different assistance programs. I understand that when you need help with a budget is sometimes when you can’t afford to pay for an accountant to help you out. This is why I am putting together this information and I pray that it finds its way to those who need it most. What I have included below is just a starting point, I highly recommend doing research on more possibilities like grants and other programs that help you transition.

Each Step listed below has a link to the blog posting with more details. I have included the highlights below for these steps.

Goal: Spending less money

Step 1: Top 5 assistance programs to apply to when low/no income
  • Apply for SNAP
  • Apply for Medicare
  • Apply for fuel assistance
  • Apply for ACP
  • Find programs that extend your SNAP benefits
Step 2: 5 Ways to stretch your dollars
  • When buying anything look for coupons, sales, and lowest prices
  • Spend less on house supplies by making them yourself like cleaning sprays, using cloth instead of paper towels, crochet scrubbers and other items that you can make or buy since they are reusable.
  • Spend less on personal supplies by making them yourself like soap, body scrub, bath bombs, deodorant, and anything else you can find a recipe for.
  • Terminate subscriptions you really don’t need or forgot you had.
  • Spend less on groceries by making a menu and only buying what you need for the menu.
Step 3: 5 ways to de-stress – important to stay healthy
  • Take time each day to exercise
  • Make chill time each day
  • Create a plan of action
  • Read/Listen to a good book
  • Find a tribe of people to support you during difficult times
Step 4: Create current spending list
  • Start budget spreadsheet
  • Where to start
  • Start new adventure
  • Suggested Categories List
Step 5: Compare Monthly income (or savings) to spending – eye opening
  • Goal Setting
  • Calculation
  • Living on Savings
  • Important step to gage improvement
Step 6: Brain storm savings ideas – 5 ways I cut down on expenses.
  • Implementation Plan
  • Stages
  • Meeting Goals
  • Threshold for implementing ideas
  • 5 savings ideas I have implemented
Step 7: Create monthly Budget – geek out on a spreadsheet.
  • Add budget columns
  • formula to calculate
  • Sample
  • Savings goals
  • Monitor
Ongoing: Continue to monitor spending and revisit budget and how well you are sticking to it.


https://lowincomerelief.com/ – this website is amazing with all of the information that has been gathered over the years. She also has a YouTube channel that you can watch.

Dave Ramsey – has a YouTube and website with detailed ideas on how to save money and get out of debt. I have found his information to be very helpful. https://www.ramseysolutions.com/

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